Future Releases

Merchandising Score

Evaluate the effectiveness of Merchandising Strategies.

A patent-pending development within GrapheneHC provides a mathematical basis for evaluating and comparing different Merchandising Strategies.

GrapheneHC evaluates the effectiveness of all the Merchandising Strategies being used; as well as making predictions about how a new Merchandising Strategy might perform. 

Additionally, GrapheneHC allows retailers to define their own measures of success, which will then be evaluated by the Merchandising Score function.

Manual Merchandising

Complete freedom to place any product in any location.

GrapheneHC makes manual merchandising quick and easy to implement, enabling retailers to manually control the placement of products.

Manual Merchandising is fully integrated with the rest of the platform's product sequencing to avoid unwanted duplicates. 

Retailers can also access the Merchandising Score and the Reporting function to help make decisions on which products to manually merchandise.

Merchandising Campaigns

Group Merchandising Strategies together with a common schedule.

GrapheneHC allows retailers to create Merchandising Campaigns containing an unlimited number of Merchandising Strategies.

This enables retailers to support their offline marketing campaigns with synchronized online Merchandising Campaigns. 

AI/Machine Learning

GrapheneHC makes use of AI/Machine Learning throughout the platform.

We use AI/Machine Learning to evaluate the effectiveness of Merchandising Strategies, providing useful insights.

Additionally, AI/Machine Learning is used to power the Personalisation functionality within GrapheneHC as well as the Auto-Merchandiser function.



A/B Testing

GrapheneHC provides A/B testing for all aspects of its merchandising platform.

This enables retailers to trial different merchandising strategies, concepts, custom ranges, and elements designs, etc, to see which are the most effective.


Basket Abandonment

Retrieve lost sales.

Personalized basket abandonment emails can reduce basket abandonment rates by as much as 30% and create higher customer engagement rates.

GrapheneHC enables retailers to retrieve lost sales by making personalized offers to users who have abandoned products in the basket.

Additionally, the Merchandising Score function provides retailers with a predictive score to help decide which offers to use.

Real-time Insights

Adjust product prioritization to capture real-time trends and stay competitive.

Use real-time insights from GrapheneHC to identify changing product trends, which can then be captured by deploying an appropriate Merchandising Strategy.

All such changes are deployed in real-time.

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