Merchandising Ideas

GrapheneHC is an incredibly flexible Merchandising platform, capable of supporting many different approaches to Merchandising.

Some ideas for delivering merchandising on your site using the different functions within GrapheneHC include the following:

Merchandising Ideas
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Page Element Designs

Page Element Designs are a unique and powerful merchandising tool. It is analogous to painting shapes onto the page to determine where merchandising effects are to be applied. Here we explore some design ideas to maximize the effectiveness of your merchandising strategies.

Alternating Strategies

Enables retailers to use two different strategies on the same page - e.g. alternating between best sellers and trending.

Brand Adjacency

Enables retailers to specify brand adjacency rules.

Group by Color

Group products together on the page based on their color attributes.

Group by Product

Assign different product categories per row/column on the page.

Group by Style

Assign different product styles per row/column on the page.

Multiple Strategies

Deploy multiple Merchandising Strategies within the same page.

Promote Edge Prices

Promote products at either end of the price scale, with mid-price items being demoted.

Target Hotspots

Target individual hotspots on the page.