Merchandising Ideas

GrapheneHC is an incredibly flexible Merchandising platform, capable of supporting many different approaches to Merchandising.

Some ideas for delivering merchandising on your site using the different functions within GrapheneHC include the following:

Merchandising Ideas
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Merchandising Concepts

Merchandising Concepts enable retailers to give meaning to their product data, using definitions that will be familiar to their customers, in order to affect the product prioritization.

Seasonal Colours

Create a Concept for Seasonal Colours, by defining what that actually means in terms of colours.

Brand Definition

Use Concepts to define certain brands as being a luxury brand or an economy brand, and then applying the appropriate merchandising strategy.

Style Definitions

Create style definitions such as Casual, Formal etc. using Merchandising Concepts.

Technical Terms

Create a technical term such as High Definition, then define what that means in terms of resolution.